Joe R. Lansdale

Name: Joe Richard Harold Lansdale
Geboren: 28. Oktober 1951
Berufe: Schriftsteller, Martial Arts-Lehrer
Pseudonyme: Ray Slater, Jack Buchanan, Brad Simmons



Rumble Tumble

Zu bekommen


Deutscher Titel Originaltitel Jahr
Akt der Liebe Act of Love 1980
Texas Night Riders 1983
Straße der Toten Dead in the West 1986
Magic Wagon 1986
Nightrunners The Nightrunners 1987
Drive-In The Drive-In: A “B” Movie with Blood and Popcorn, Made in Texas 1988
The Drive-In 2: Not Just One of Them Sequels 1989
Kalt brennt die Sonne über Texas Cold in July 1989
Wilder Winter Savage Season 1990
Texas Blues Mucho Mojo 1994
Tarzan: the Lost Adventure 1995
Mambo mit zwei Bären Two-Bear Mambo 1995
Schlechtes Chili Bad Chili 1997
The Boar The Boar 1998
Rumble Tumble Rumble Tumble 1998
Veil’s Visit 1999
Freezer Burn 1999
Waltz of Shadows 1999
Something Lumber This Way Comes 1999
Sturmwarnung The Big Blow 2000
Blood Dance 2000
Die Wälder am Fluss The Bottoms 2000
Machos und Macheten Captains Outrageous 2001
Zeppelins West 2001
Ein feiner dunkler Riss A Fine Dark Line 2002
Sunset and Sawdust 2004
The Drive-In: The Bus Tour 2005
Flaming London 2006
Blutiges Echo Lost Echoes 2007
Gauklersommer Leather Maiden 2008
Das Dixie-Desaster Vanilla Ride 2009
The Sky Done Ripped ?
Kahlschlag Sunset and Sawdust 2010
Under the Warrior Star 2010
All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky 2011
Devil Red 2011
Hyenas: a Hap and Leonard Novella 2011
Edge of Dark Water 2012
In Waders from Mars 2012
The Ape Man’s Brother 2013
Dead Aim 2013
Das Dickicht The Thicket 2013
Hot in December 2013
Prisoner 489 2014
Black Hat Jack 2014
Paradise Sky 2014